Outstanding Progress - Secondary School

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Presented to the UK Secondary School that has made outstanding progress in the management of its facilities, finances and human resources and can demonstrate an increase in the educational performance of the school.

2016 Winner
St Matthias School, Deansfield

2016 Outstanding Progress - Secondary School winner - St Matthias School, Deansfield

St Matthias School was placed into special measures two years ago following a poor Ofsted inspection. However, under head teacher Dean Coombes, the school has been praised for it’s rapid progress, gaining a ‘Good’ Ofsted grading and improved outcomes for it’s 475 pupils. St Matthias is now in the top 10 nationally for the proportion of lower ability pupils who gain five or more GCSEs at grades C and above.

Ashcroft High School, Bedfordshire
Matravers, Wiltshire
Prendergast School, London
Attleborough Academy, Norfolk

2015 Winner
Charter Academy

Charter Academy was ranked as the best school in the city and the most-improved school in the whole country for GCSE results. Its work in providing a high quality education for students from low income backgrounds was recognised at the DfE’s Pupil Premium Awards.

Matravers School, Wiltshire
Parkwood Academy, Sheffield
Prendergast School, London
Sandy Upper School, Bedfordshire