The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC)

Recruitment and Employment Confederation

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is the largest representative body for the recruitment industry in the UK. As a professional body committed to raising standards within the recruitment industry, the REC is at the forefront of ensuring its members are demonstrating ethical business practice, specifically in the education sector where the importance of finding the right talent to educate people is of paramount importance for any skills shortages that exist in the UK.

Jobs transform lives, which is why REC members are building the best recruitment industry in the world. As the professional body for recruitment we’re determined to make businesses more successful by helping them secure the people they need. We are absolutely passionate and totally committed in this pursuit for recruiters, employers, and the people they hire.

The REC is committed to delivering excellence through compliance and one of the ways in which it supports employers in the education sector, is through REC Audited Education. It ensures safeguarding and that agencies are undertaking all the relevant checks when recruiting teachers. REC Audited Education enables schools and education providers to be confident that they are using an accredited supplier, who puts standards at the centre of their business.

The audit goes way beyond just compliance, requiring agencies to demonstrate that they operate best practice in areas such as customer service, staff development, diversity and client management. The package includes a feedback report specific to a recruitment agencies business and ensures that they are doing all they can. The process starts with an online diagnostic and is followed by an on-site audit by one of our experts, who will not just check a recruitment business’ documentation, but will talk them about their processes and systems, providing practical support to ensure you are a best practice recruiter.

For more information about REC Audited and how it helps your business to get the best possible service from the agencies you work with, visit the REC website at