RM Flex

Would an extra £32,000 fill any gaps in your school budget?

Very often, schools with in-house ICT support teams simply don’t have the resources at their disposal to effectively support every technology the school has, or wants. If you are paying high salaries, recruiting more than two IT staff or hiring consultants to ensure that you can cover all of the skillsets needed to support your school, then your IT budget could easily be at least £26,000 overspent.

You may find that elements of co-sourcing or even outsourcing your ICT support to a partner such as RM will prove much more cost effective and also provide a highly cost-effective option that can also deliver service improvements.

This means you can reduce your operating costs by down-sizing your IT support team or redeploying your IT technicians to provide more classroom support, helping teachers make the best use of existing software, devices and peripherals.

Compared to a national IT support provider like RM, a small local IT support provider or an in-house team simply can’t have the same breadth of expertise, and often also do not have the skills, time, connections or experience to fully diagnose an issue and identify a solution., and end up fixing symptoms not root causes.

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